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Kemetic Yoga (Virtual)

In practicing Kemetic Yoga, attendees are encouraged to approach poses and sequences consciously, by becoming present to his/her thoughts and feelings.  This presence of mind fosters self-awareness and builds the muscle of being in control of ones thoughts by steering it in the direction of positive mindset. You will be guided to begin opening the body by deepening the breath. The breath is what allows the body to release and experience relaxation and flexibility. You will explore the capacity for deepening your breath thus strengthening the experience in the body. This introductory course is designed for all levels. No prior experience required. This is a 1-hour class.

Check back for 2023 class dates!

Introduction and Foundation:
Introduction to deep controlled breathing Cleansing and Relaxation Breathing Hip-openers and foundations of spinal twists. MAAT KA- Pose; Introduction to Kemetic (Egyptian Yoga)

Integrating Breath and Movement:

Cleansing Breath and Relaxation Breath, Beginning Gentle Flow. MAAT KA Sequence (Introduction to controlling the body’s vital energy)

Building Flow:

Cleansing Breath and Relaxation Breath. Full Body Flow. Students will be introduced to Balancing Poses MAAT KA Sequence and introduction to pose of Ausar (Kemetic/Egyptian Yoga) Closing Mediation.

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