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Mental Health

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We are pleased to offer complimentary mental health support to our students through our valued partner, New Life Knew Solutions. Should you require a referral, we encourage you to fill out a wellness consult form. We also invite you to stay informed about our upcoming mental health workshops. 
Wellness Consult:
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Mental Wellness Virtual Workshops


February 28, 2024

ZOOM 5-7pm

Giving Back: How Do I Contribute to My Community

In this workshop learners will discuss the importance of making sure their choices have positive impacts on those around them. Each person will reflect on how their community has impacted them and create a plan of how they can improve their community one step at a time. 


March 06, 2024

ZOOM 5-7pm

I Feel Stuck: Moving Forward

No one has ever bought a car for it to stay parked forever. In life we may need to pause for a moment but it is necessary for us to start again. This course will enable you to find your own strength to get your drive back and fulfill your dreams

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