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Mental Health

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We are pleased to offer complimentary mental health support to our students through our valued partner, New Life Knew Solutions. Should you require a referral, we encourage you to fill out a wellness consult form. We also invite you to stay informed about our upcoming mental health workshops. 

Shattered Dreams- When Trauma Happens?

Many times, undesired events shatter our dreams, and we are left without explanation or understanding.  This session will bring meaning and hope to life’s disappointments and illuminate how to overcome obstacles with grit, resilience, and persistence.


The Shift- A New Mindset!

In this session we will learn how to release old patterns of thinking, break through mental roadblocks, identify limiting beliefs, and take action to create new ways of thinking for success.


The Re-Set- Where do I go from here?

Life is filled with change, yet we often resist transition. The better equipped we are to understand our own emotions and barriers, the better we are to navigate through the process of change.  This session will allow you to understand the importance of emotions and gain effective tools and concepts to successfully thrive through and beyond any transition.


The Familiar- Looking back!

In this session we will identify why we revert to old habits and addictive behaviors and learn how to take responsibility and effectively manage stress.


The Emergence of Me- Who am I?

Cut through the noise and allow yourself to discover you.  In this session you will uncover your destiny, unlock your passion, and develop your life purpose.  


Dream Killers- Understanding Procrastination

In this session you will understand how procrastination works, the connection to perfectionism, identify your fears and boost productivity with confidence.


The Assignment- Brainstorming the Idea.

In this session you will brainstorm your brilliant ideas, learn to make tough decisions with ease and fully explore and evaluate your vision.

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Wellness Consult:
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