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Allysunn Walker-Williams

Advisory Board

A graduate of Harvard, UCLA and Fresno State’s Craig School of Business, Allysunn Walker-Williams has devoted her career to community economic development primarily as a non-profit executive and management consultant, achieving measurable results and equitable outcomes for low-wealth communities of color.  In her roles as CEO, business advisor or strategic leader, Allysunn is an organizational “architect” with a visionary voice.  She has a successful history of proven public and private-sector leadership and brings exceptional managerial acumen, intellectual agility, and the ability to engage stakeholders and effectively lead teams to drive results.

Allysunn is the Chief Strategy Officer of Joint Opportunities, a non-profit consulting group specializing in strategic planning, organizational and program development and evaluation.  From 2014-2019, Allysunn served as the first President & CEO of the California Council on Economic Education (CCEE), where she led a statewide consortium of seven CSU-based Centers for Economic Education focused on professional development for Economics and Social Studies teachers from 400+ school districts within California’s K-12 system.

Prior to CCEE, Allysunn served as the Chief Real Estate Officer of the Fresno Housing Authority, overseeing $150MM in affordable housing development, planning and creating mixed-use assets; and mixed-income, mixed-price and mixed-race communities.  She was Associate Executive Director of the Fresno County EOC, the nation’s second largest anti-poverty network, focused on creating economic opportunity for low-wealth, low-income residents.  Allysunn’s work at Fresno State as Associate Director of the Office of Community Economic Development enabled her and her team to work alongside Governor Schwartzenegger’s cabinet secretaries to guide the implementation of a multi-year, multi-million-dollar regional initiative, the California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley. Her Board and civic service included Dr. Welty’s President’s Advisory Council, Mayor Swearengin’s Transition Team, Central Valley Community Foundation Board, West Fresno Family Resource Center, and the Fresno Metro Black Chamber of Commerce Foundation.

She is the proud mother of a current Fresno State Bulldog.

Allysunn Walker-Williams
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