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Provide pathways to entrepreneurship, workforce modernization, and innovation for under-resourced communities of color to create a safer, healthier, and more economically-inclusive world.


To create a thriving entrepreneurial economy in under-resourced communities

Our Core Values

Entrepreneurial - We are self-starters with the mindset of influencing the economy. We solve problems and ideate solutions to revitalize our communities. 


Wellness - We pursue being our best selves mentally and physically. We set our mindset, behaviors, and actions to make healthy choices that energize our future.


Inclusivity - We foster a community that safeguards equity and dignity for all. We inspire the freedom of expression and acceptance of diverse backgrounds.

Opportunity - We create an environment full of endless possibilities. We position ourselves to reach goals and define new levels of success.


Creativity - We explore our dreams and passions to bring them life. We create opportunities for artistic play whenever possible.

Justice - We advocate for equality for the oppressed, marginalized, or anyone who needs a voice. We work towards establishing equitable systems and communities. 

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