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Wellness Workshops


Check back for 2023 class dates!​

Questions about any of our past classes listed below? Email us

Fresh Start - Try Again

Have you had a rough year where your business and/or personal outcomes you projected were not met? Feelings of depression or feeling that you are a failure? This workshop will help attendees unpack feelings of Guilt or Shame and instead learn how to RESET goals, design a success plan that aligns with where you are now. Learn how to grow through the rough times and TRY AGAIN with new ways to create success for yourself.

Next class: TBD

Improve Focus

Maintaining FOCUS during the pandemic has been, reportedly, difficult for many. This workshop is ideal for those who are finding barriers to following through with task, racing thoughts and feelings of anxiousness. This workshop is for you if; you are experiencing loss of concentration and your life appears to be on an unpredictable cycle of unfinished projects, tasks and/or daily routines.

This workshop will equip participants with practical ways to maintain FOCUS while under pressure. These proven (9) nine focus strategies can help improve mental clarity, sleep regimen, improve relationships and overall productivity in personal and/or professional life. (ALSO SEE WORK/LIFE BALANCE WORKSHOP). This is a 1-hour class.

Next class: TBD

Conflict Resolution

This workshop will guide families on how to approach family and relationship conflict(s) as the holidays approach. This workshop will equip attendees on to improve communication to nurture healthy relationships within co-parenting, mother-daughter conflicts, and business/work conflict.

This is ideal for anyone who desire to enter the holiday season with increase inner peace, improve ways of resolving conflicts and improve business outcomes with improved conflict resolution practices.

Next class: TBD

Family Bonding and Healing

Holiday times are approaching, and many competing demands begin to overtake your schedule. Do you struggle with trying to feel accepted and loved by everyone to the point you spread yourself thin? People Pleasing (PP) is a trauma response and this workshop will equip attendees on how to identify PP and how to overcome PP. Improve your mood, self-worth and celebrate new boundaries before the demands of holidays approach.   

Next class: TBD

Overcoming Setbacks

How do you respond to a set back? Do you become determined or disheartened? Few people are successful at anything on their first try. The level of success is heavily dependent on the amount of resiliency one possesses.

This workshop is designed to equip participants with strategies on how to overcome life twist and turns that are inevitable on the journey. Steps on how to pivot and manage responses utilizing trauma informed understandings will be demonstrated in this interactive workshop. This is a 1-hour class.

Next class: TBD

Imposture Syndrome

This workshop is designed for individuals who are challenged with honoring themselves despite the hard work and skillset he/or she is competent in. Are you on a swirling cycle of feeling the need to do more, be more perhaps for love, acceptance, and approval? Learn the root cause of IS; how to identify IS and practical ways to begin to heal from limitations self-assigned to your life. Participants will leave workshop with tools on how to:

  • Change their mindset about their own abilities.

  • Acknowledge their expertise and accomplishments without feelings of guilt or shame;

  • Remind themselves that they have earned their place in their academic or professional environment.

  • Identify unresolved trauma that triggers IS and how to assess if ongoing support would be helpful to heal through IS.

This is a 1-hour class.

Next class: TBD

Setting Boundaries

This workshop will cover the benefits of exercising healthy boundaries; how to set boundaries and practice them. Workshop content will allow participants to explore emotions that may arise when creating “new norms” and how to overcome feelings of discomfort. Cultural ramifications and mindfulness will be discussed while uncovering the benefits of applying healthy boundaries including improved mental health and quality of life. This is a 1-hour class.

Next class: TBD

Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone is that safe place to hang out. It’s the people, places and behaviors that causes little to no distress. We all like to be comfortable. This workshop will teach participants how to bravely embrace their “discomfort zone.” Identify the limits and benefits of challenging yourself to succeed outside the familiar. How to expose yourself to people, places and behaviors that will boost your mental wellness. Participants will be challenged to reframe negative self-talk by creating mental self-care regimens to implement on the journey of new self-advances. If you are ready to be STRETCHED to SUCCESS this workshop is for you. This is a 1-hour class.

Next class: TBD

Work/Life Balance

This workshop is designed for individuals who want to learn practical ways to juggle the demands of work, business, home life, parenting and any other competing demands that compromise overall health. Come take a journey on how to assess what is dominating your time; learn how to make adjustments to your schedule that can render a more balanced lifestyle. Learn how to release “busy” tasks that are counterproductive to your end goal. This workshop is a great companion to workshop entitled “IMPROVE FOCUS and SETTING BOUNDARIES.” This is also a family focused workshop therefore do invite your family, roommates, if applicable, so together you may learn how to best organize roles and functionalities for your household that meets the needs of everyone impacted.

This is a 1-hour class.

Next class: TBD

Mental Mindset Post Pandemic

The global impact to our mental health resulting from the pandemic has been alarming. To face our “new normal” will require a reassessment of Self Care remedies that address the various traumas experienced by both families and children.

This workshop creates a safe space to reflect and create a mental wellness recovery plan for family and business. Learn how to identify and cope with personality traits associated with emotional vulnerabilities such as: Negative emotionality § Overestimation of threat § Intolerance of uncertainty that are now prevalent post pandemic.

Participants will leave this workshop with heighten awareness around mental health impacts during pandemic; how to plan, implement and embody the whole family on the new journey as we pivot. This is a 1-hour class.

Next class: TBD

Unlocking Fear

This workshop will teach participants how to identify core fear(s) that act as barrier(s) to reaching desired life goals. Facilitator will dispel the myths of fear while introducing graded exposure therapy concepts which is one technique of cognitive-behavioral therapy that is helpful in working through fear. **

Participants will be introduced to “Bravery Ladder” an interactive exercise that will equip participants on how to identify fears; overcome and identify triggers that provoke anxieties associated with fear. This will help participants face fears and deal with them. This is a 1-hour class.

**This workshop session is NOT therapy or intended to diagnosis and/or replace medical/mental treatment.

Next class: TBD

Trauma Bonds

Trauma bonding is a psychological response to abuse. It occurs when the abused person forms an unhealthy bond with the person who abuses them.


This workshop will offer psychoeducation tools, resources, and ways to heal from trauma bonding. Participants will learn about:

  • Signs of Trauma Bonds

  • Unhealthy Attachments

  • Cycles of Abuse

  • Mental Beliefs and how unresolved trauma bonding impacts overall health, business and quality of life


Steps on healing will be explored in this NON- therapeutic virtual workshop; follow up resources will be provided upon request. This is a 1-hour class.

Next class: TBD

Move, Groove, and Improve

MGI is designed for participants to mobilize themselves into a better health regimen. Studies show that better physical health improves wealth and well-being. Learn various ways to get moving, groove to your favorite playlist and improve your focus, clarity, and purpose. Log in with a plan to elevate your health; one step at a time. This is a 1-hour class.

Next class: TBD

Design, Your Self-Care Plan

Let’s wrap it all up and honor your new awareness and wins. This workshop reviews self-care and mental health myths, cost of unresolved trauma, benefits and the power of healing, self-compassion, self-care, and an elevated mindset. Leave with a road map for the life that you deserve, free from limitations. A made-up mind, that you deserve to live a healthy life, infused with wealth and wellness. Let’s celebrate your new journey. This is a 1-hour class.

Next class: TBD

Introduction to Holistic Self Care: Mind, Body, Soul!

This workshop approaches self-care, self-forgiveness, and self-love as a tri-fold approach to holistic wellness which allows participants to explore Internal (mental) and External Self Care wellness beliefs and practices that honors the whole person. Participants will learn the benefits of self-forgiveness and accepting self-care as a lifestyle to improve life satisfaction.

This is a 1-hour class.

Next class: TBD

PPP - Pain, Purpose, and Promise

This workshop will guide participants who desire to go outside themselves for a “power source” that resonates with one’s spirituality to get through painful life experiences. Participants will learn how to “Bounce Back after Life setbacks” using spiritual practices and/or biblical reference while embracing culturally sensitive application. Participants will leave workshop with heighten awareness on how to use life’s pain for a higher purpose to get to the ultimate promise. This is a 1-hour class

Next class: TBD

Cope with Hope: Mental Illness vs Mentally Tired

This workshop will discuss myths and stigmas associated with mental illness. Learn the impact of stress, pandemic fatigue, mental heaviness, and its global impact. Participants will identify how unhealed trauma impacts the overall wellness and how to invite the healing process.  Learn mental illness signs, symptoms and support available to help you “Cope with Hope” during the global pandemic. This is a 1-hour class

Next class: TBD

Managing Anger

This workshop offers guidance on the importance of managing anger. How to invite your feelings oppose to fighting your feelings. Learn how stored feeling builds up and explode into anger.  Learn techniques on self-regulation and communication. “Honor your NO” is a blueprint on discovering the inner you that need to be free from that internal critical voice so that your authentic self-blossom. Learn how to give yourself permission to release stored up emotions. This is a 1-hour class.

Next class: TBD

Money Mindset and Mental Wellness

This workshop is designed for participants that desire to improve their relationship with money. Learn the impact of childhood poverty and how it may lead to financial trauma. Participants will learn how to break the generational cycle of financial scarcity. Learn new ways to improve financial health and adapt new techniques, coping skills and accountability to reach your highest revenue potential. This is a 1-hour class

Next class: TBD

Healthy Relationships Playbook

Healthy relationships are vital to our mental well-being. This workshop will explore common “energy zappers” and draining toxic relationships that hinders the wellness and growth one desires. Learn how to graduate from the disease to please and set healthy boundaries so that you can develop healthy attachments.  Participants will leave with awareness of how to identify toxic relationships; identify 7 stages of trauma bonds and how to embrace healthy relationships that nourishes your well-being. This is a 1-hour class.

Next class: TBD

Modules (4 Week Classes)

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