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Program Offerings

Community Engagement Events

Join us as we bring together our community’s best and brightest to showcase the richness of our people in celebration of unity and non-violence. Meet aspiring entrepreneurs, community leaders, artists and local businesses by attending one or all 3 of our city-wide celebrations! Enjoy food, live music, shopping, athletic demonstrations and registration, access to resources, educational and mental health workshops, and interactive events: 

  • Learn how to start a business

  • Meet hiring employers

  • Sign up for training and other programs

  • Attend workshops on credit repair, record expungement, and knowing your rights 

  • Learn about trauma and the resources available in the community

  • Engage in roundtable discussions to understand interconnections between the lack of economic opportunities, and social connectedness to trauma and violence   

  • Register for programing as alternatives to violence including technology skill development, invention, and entrepreneurship

  • Register to vote 

  • Covid Testing and Vaccines

  • Sexual health discussions and resources

  • LGBTQAI discussions and resources

Attendees also can enroll in the Entrepreneurs Academy 12-week Fast Launch Educational Entrepreneurship Training Program (FLEET)

Program Offerings

  • Fast Launch Educational Entrepreneurship Training (FLEET) – 12- Week signature entrepreneurship training program that helps an aspiring business owner in any field, understand the complexities and strategies of running a business.  Utilizing the Business Model Canvas and lean start up strategies, participants learn how to focus their efforts efficiently, and develop a plan and budget. Topics Include:

  • Industry Specific Entrepreneurial Training (ISET) – 4 - 8 week Entrepreneurial training program in any one of our 4 vertical industries: Drone Photography, 3D Product Design and Invention, and Eco-Art. 

  • Tech Transfer and Invention (ii3D) – Design, mentorship, prototyping and training programs for entrepreneurs interested in accessing emerging technologies from American Universities to create new products and inventions that can impact their communities.

  • Workforce Development and Modernization – Skills training and wrap around services for people interested in modernizing their skills. This program is designed to focus on 21st century skill sets that lead to sustainable livable wages.

  • Mentorship – Entrepreneurs are matched with mentors in their field of need to nurture their entrepreneurship journey.

  • Access to Tools – Our maker space provides access to tools necessary to understand and succeed in making art, prototypes, and new products.  Students are trained on the equipment and are supported in developing prototypes and short run production. This includes content development and promotions, 3D printers, vinyl cutters, digital sewing machines, and more.

  • Access to Capital – Through our financial partners, we offer equity and debt options along with grant application support.

  • Dream Again Trauma Workshops – Address the obstacles hidden in your subconscious that keep you from being successful without even knowing it.  All our programming weaves trauma -informed practices into the curriculum. Many entrepreneurs and business owners don’t realize the need for developing coping skills for trauma developed by violence and other ways they may have experienced or witnessed. Topics Include:

  • Developing a Business Plan

  • Financing Your Business

  • Building Your Credit

  • Business Communications Techniques

  • Building Your Team/Staffing

  • Executive Summary

  • Marketing/Social Media

  • Branding

  • Business Financials
  • Operations Building and Management

  • Legal Considerations

  • Building Collaborations

  • Office Technology

  • What is Change?

  • Consequences of Unresolved Issues

  • Obstacles, Triggers, and Challenges

  • Struggle for Power

  • Attitudes, Values and Beliefs & Problem Solving

  • Self-Respect and Humility

  • Self-Perception

  • Evaluating the Value of My Relationships

  • Identifying the Things That Hold Me Back

  • Dealing with Procrastination

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